PhD Defence by Swathi Murthy

Title:  Fabrication of functional surfaces in polymer foils by roll-to-roll extrusion coating

Principal supervisor: Senior Researcher Henrik Chresten Pedersen
Co-supervisor: Assoc. Professor Rafael Taboryski
Co-Supervisor: Henrik Pranov, Inmold A/S

Evaluation Board:
Chairman, Lektor Flemming Jensen, DTU Danchip
Dr. Helmut Schift, Paul Scherrer Institute, schweiz
Professor, Horst-Günter Rubahn, MCI, Syddansk Universitet

Master of the Ceremony
Dr. Jørgen Schou, DTU Fotonik

Abstract (max. 1500 charactrs)
The doctoral thesis investigates the design and fabrication of functional polymer foils, consisting of nano-structures inspired by nature, by a novel high throughput process known as roll-to-roll extrusion coating (R2R-EC). The aim is overcome the limitations of the existing mass production techniques, and eliminate the barrier to commercialization of biomimetic surfaces.  The concept of obtaining different surface functionalities just by nano/micro structuring, the bulk material, reduces the number of raw materials and processing steps. It can also, potentially, be environmentally friendly as the use of toxic chemicals and pigments can be avoided to achieve various functionalities like colors, anti-reflectivity, super-hydrophobicity etc.
Initially, replication of different types of nano-structures into thermoplastic polymer foils by R2R-EC is investigated using different process parameters.  Thermo-mechanical analysis of R2R-EC is performed, in order to understand the replication mechanism. Replication of nanostructures in different polymer materials is also investigated.

As a main part of the thesis, structure design feasible for high throughput fabrication of plasmonic colors is developed. During which, a novel hybrid plasmonic mode was discovered. Finally, plasmonic colors by metal nanostructures are fabricated on a high throughput R2R platform, comprising of R2R-EC and R2R metallization. Other functional foils namely anti-reflective and super-hydrophobic foils were also fabricated by R2R-EC and investigated.


man 13 mar 17
13:00 - 16:00


DTU Fotonik


Henrik Chresten Pedersen


Lyngby Campus

Bld./aud.: 341/23