PhD Defence by Simon Rommel

Millimeter Wave Hybrid Photonic Wireless Links for High-Speed Wireless Access and Mobile Fronthaul

Principal supervisor: Professor Idelfonso Tafur Monroy, TU Eindhoven
Co-supervisor: Dr. Juan José Vegas Olmos, Mellanox Technologies 
Co-supervisor: Dr. José Manuel Delgado Mendinueta, NICT, Japan

Evaluation Board:
Professor Lars Dittmann, DTU Fotonik
Professor Alwyn Seeds, University College London
Professor Ton Koonen, Eindhoven University of Technology

Master of the Ceremony:
Professor Jes Broeng, DTU Fotonik

As the introduction of the fifth generation of mobile services (5G) is set to revolutionize the way people, devices and machines connect, the changes to the underlying networks and technologies are no less drastic. The massive increase in user and data capacity require a complete re-thinking of radio access. Millimeter wave hybrid photonic wireless links, which are the focus of this thesis are expected to play a key role therein, as they bring together the best from the world of optical fibers and wireless communications: they cover long distance with fiber, but maintain the flexibility and ease of wireless communications – all while offering wireless capacities never seen before.

The research in this thesis experimentally investigates such links, showing on one hand real-time demonstrations with simplified setups that might be candidates for rapid deployment, and on the other extends the state of the art by demonstrating increased capacity and spectral efficiency and for the first time experimentally evaluating wavelet coding and NOMA-CAP for more robust links with flexible resource allocation.

In summary: the work presented in this thesis regards a multitude of aspects of millimeter wave hybrid photonic wireless links, expanding upon the state of the art and showing their feasibility for use in 5G mobile and high-speed wireless access networks – hopefully bringing them a small step closer to adoption in deployed networks.



ons 22 nov 17
13:30 - 16:30


DTU Fotonik


Lyngby Campus
Bld./aud.: 341/21