Diode Lasers & LED Systems Group

Department of Photonics Engineering’s Diode Lasers and LED Systems group conducts research, development and education in new diode laser systems and LED technologies. The goal is to increase the competence of Danish companies so that they become competitive in high-tech laser systems and energy saving LED lighting systems, and to educate new researchers in these fields.


New diode laser systems

Research areas includes research, development and education in diode laser systems both in medical and industrial fields. We perform fundamental studies as well as applied research where new industrial lasers are constructed. Currently we are working to develop new and improved diode laser systems for medical applications, materials processing, biotechnology and optical sensors.

LED systems

Solid state lighting (SSL) is rapidly emerging as the most energy efficient alternative to traditional lighting systems. High energy efficiency, robustness and durability are some of the main advantages of Light Emitting Diodes (LED). Department of Photonics Engineering’s LED Systems group conducts research, development and education in LED technology, which is important in the implementation of this new technology in a variety of applications - including general lighting.

LED materials and devices

We conduct research, development and education in LED materials and devices for general lighting and communication. Currently, we are working on fluorescent SiC and InGaN LEDs. Topics include new white LED light sources, surface nanostructuring of LEDs to enhance the light extraction, and applications of surface plasmonics to increase the LED quantum efficiency and improve the modulation bandwidth.
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