Senior researcher Hao Hu Awarded the VILLUM Young Investigator Grant

Friday 27 Jan 17


Hao Hu
Senior Researcher
DTU Fotonik
+45 45 25 37 83

Senior researcher Hao Hu from DTU Fotonik has received the VILLUM Young Investigator Grant of 10 Million DKK over a period of 5 years for the project “Energy-efficient optical communications at 2 micron beyond capacity crunch”.

“This project will combine several research disciplines ranging from nanophotonic device design and fabrication, novel fiber design and characterization to communication technology, which is truly multi-disciplinary and challenging but will allow us make fundamental breakthrough for both transmission capacity and energy efficiency”, says Hao Hu about his project.

With a VILLUM grant to back his project, Dr. Hu expects a bright future with plenty of room to develop his research.  Hao Hu’s research team will consist of three PhD students and one postdoc. The grant will also cover the purchasing of new equipment.

“My current research mainly focuses on large-capacity optical transmission at the conventional C band (~1.55 um). The proposed research of optical communications at 2 um is a novel research topic and will enable me to have a unique footprint in the field. Moreover, having a small team working around me will create a precious opportunity to demonstrate leadership, fully exploit my research talent and open up many other opportunities for my future career”, says Hao Hu while reflecting on his new opportunities.

DTU received 5 Young Investigator Grants in total.

Other winners are Assoc. Prof. Stefan Kragh Nielsen (DTU Fysik), Postdoc Kasper Steen Pedersen (DTU Kemi), Postdoc Søren Hauberg (DTU Matematik og Computer Science) and Sophie Beeren (DTU Kemi).

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