DTU Researchers’ Breakthrough in Plasmonic Colours

Thursday 19 Jan 17


N. Asger Mortensen
samarbejdspartner CNG
DTU Nanotech

Prof. Anders Kristensen from DTU Nanotech and Prof. N. Asger Mortensen from DTU Fotonik have had their review article “Plasmonic Colour Generation” published in Nature Reviews Materials in a collaboration with Rice University (Houston, TX),  Singapore University of Technology and Design (Singapore), and University of Southern Denmark. The review illustrates their demonstration of plasmonic colours, and is featured on the cover of the January issue. It already has 14,000 downloads.

The review paper proceeds some successful years for DTU in this research field. Last year, the groups of Prof. Kristensen and Prof. Mortensen published their demonstration of laser post-processing of colors in the article “Plasmonic Colour Laser Printing”. It received worldwide attention which resulted in more than 8,000 downloads and an Altmetric score of 214. As an indication of the high research impact, the paper is listed as a “highly cited paper” by Essential Science Indicators. The groups’ demonstration showed an extremely high resolution (> 127,000 dots per inch), and is thus a major breakthrough in laser printing with plasmonic colours.

“We see the opportunities for artificial coloring of surfaces as an exciting new application area where nanoplasmonics has an important role to play. So far, plasmonic metasurfaces have commonly been produced in only small areas using advanced and expensive nanofabrication. However, recent developments have enabled large surfaces that can be mass-produced and reconfigured, while also holding opportunities for sub-diffraction information storage and printing”, says Prof. Mortensen about the research potential in the field of plasmonic colours.

Review article: Nature Reviews Materials 2, 16088 (2016) [ cover ]
Article: Nature Nanotechnology 11, 325 (2016)

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Personal homepage of Prof. Mortensen: www.mortensen-lab.org

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