04 SEP

Researchers send 661 Tbit/s through single optical fibre

A team of researchers from DTU Fotonik and coworkers from Japan, including Fujikura Ltd. and NTT Corporation , have demonstrated a chip-based optical frequency...

25 JUN

Microscopic laser attracting attention

A tiny new laser is revealing surprising unforeseen properties.

Lasers Micro and nanotechnology Data analysis
22 JUN

DTU launches new study line in solar energy

DTU offers a new study line in solar energy as a new initiative. The new line has been established as the demand for qualified candidates in solar energy increases.

Energy systems Solar energy
22 JUN

Assoc. Prof. Sanshui Xiao announced OSA Senior Member

Associate Professor Sanshui Xiao from DTU Fotonik has been announced an OSA Senior Member in the class of 2018

21 JUN

New type of stadium lights reduces light pollution and complaints from neighbours

Several municipalities are struggling with neighbours complaining about the lights from sports fields. Now, a DTU researcher has invented a lens that solves the problem...

Energy efficiency Light sources Optics
11 APR

Doctoral defense: linearity is totally boring

In his pursuit to control laser light, Morten Bache has acquired an in-depth understanding of nonlinear effects. This knowledge has now made him DTU’s latest Dr.techn...

Lasers Mathematical modelling
09 MAR

SPOC fabricates first ever large-scale integrated quantum photonic circuit

Technologies relying on quantum mechanics are steadily becoming a bigger and bigger part of our daily lives—this includes lasers, transistors, semiconductor devices...

22 JAN

Villum Fonden belønner forskere med 37 mio. kr.

Fire DTU-forskere får hver små 10 mio. kr. fra Villum Fonden. Nu skal de etablere forskergrupper og realisere deres ambitioner.

15 NOV

DTU Fotonik in huge project to commercialize NB-IoT platform

DTU Fotonik is joining forces with TDC, LEIKR and Huawei Finland in a project that will strengthen the Nordic region’s position in Internet of Things.


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