PhD defence by Artur Pilimon

High Performance Network Evaluation and Testing

Associate Professor Sarah Ruepp, DTU Fotonik
Associate Professor Michael Stübert Berger, DTU Fotonik

Evaluation Board

Associate Professor Ying Yan, DTU Fotonik
Software Scientist Morten Jagd Christensen, European Spallation Source
Reader Christopher Ian Phillips, Queen Mary University of London


Master of the Ceremony

Associate Professor Henrik Wessing, DTU Fotonik



This thesis focuses on the testing and performance evaluation aspects of High Speed Networks, covering such areas as Layer 4-7 testing, focusing on protocol-level performance evaluation of long-distance high-speed communication, as well as performance characterization and testing of Data Center Networks (DCNs).

From a broad range of open research questions in these areas, a subset of them is investigated in this work, such as: Layer 4 Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Congestion Control (CC) challenges and algorithmic properties of a high-speed TCP CUBIC extension with additional supporting algorithms, and addressing a scalability aspect of performance evaluation in DCNs from an experimental perspective (defining a methodology for DCN testing at scale).

Furthermore, research activities, presented in this work, include testing and analysis of Software Defined Networking (SDN) related performance aspects, namely flow-rule placement in SDN switches and SDN Traffic Engineering (TE) capabilities for DCNs, as well as energy efficiency aspects in DCNs with optical switching.


Mon 18 Jun 18
13:30 - 16:30


DTU Fotonik


Lyngby Campus
Bld. 341 / Aud. 21

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