Lecture by Assist. Prof. Ana Predojević, Stockholm University

Title: Entangled photon pairs for quantum communication

Single semiconductor quantum dots, due to their discrete energy structure, constitute an antibunched single photon source at a well-defined frequency and with inherently sub-Poissonian statistics. They generate single photons through a recombination of an electron-hole pair formed by an electron from the conduction band and hole from the valence band. In a more refined operation mode employing biexcitons, quantum dots can provide pairs of photons emitted in a cascade.

The interest in quantum dots as sources of quantum light for quantum communication is based upon the sub-Poissonian statistics and the potential for high photon generation efficiency. Here, we will present the entanglement of photon pairs generated from such a structure. In particular, we will address entanglement for free space-and fibre-based quantum communication, higher dimensional entangled states, and multi-partite quantum states of light generated in quantum dot systems.


Thu 21 Jun 18
10:30 - 11:30


DTU Fotonik


Lyngby Campus
Building 303A, aud. 41