Student life at DTU Fotonik


  • Students receive a top notch education at a world class research institute with close relations to industry, both Danish and foreign.
  • The atmosphere is young, dynamic and international, with more than 40 different nationalities represented.
  • Students get access to work with a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.
  • Students tailor their education from a broad spectrum of subjects. Possibility for individually adapted projects and courses.
  • Student projects are closely connected to the ongoing research. Students work side by side with highly skilled researchers.
  • Students often publish the results obtained through a project and present them at conferences.
  • Students benefit from DTU Fotonik´s many collaborations with industry and the international academic world. They gain valuable practical experiences and contacts - the best starting point for a career conquering the world of telecommunication.

What to do next?

  1. What do you enjoy doing: Experimental work, computer modeling or perhaps processing of components?
  2. Then come talk to one of our listed supervisors, they can nearly always adapt a project to your wishes.
  3. You are also welcome to contact one of our PhD Students for advice, as they have already been through the process.