DOLL Academy will give an exciting 2-day course in industrial education in LEDs as an continuing education. It is directed at companies and businesses in the lighting industry.

Practical Information

This course is given by employees at the photonics department at the technical university of Denmark, DTU Fotonik. It will be held at DTU Campus at Risø, north of Roskilde, where about 50 employees of DTU Fotonik works, and where the DOLL Quality lab, a state of the art lighting lab, is located

What does the course contain?
The participants will, among other, learn about following topics:

  • Photometry (light measurement: lumen, candela, illumination, efficacy if light sources)

  • Colorimetry (color perception and measurement: chromatic diagrams and coordinates, correlated color temperature, color rendering)

  • Color mixing techniques

  • Health aspects of light (circadian sensitivity, etc.)

  • Flicker (characterization and measurements techniques)

The participants will also get hands on experience with light measurement equipment.

Course material
The presentations and theoretical material will be compiled in handed out compendium.

Course Fee
11.000 DKK (exclusive VAT)

February 2018. Precise dates to be announced.

Download Temp. Course Plan


Linda Christel
Internal Service
DTU Fotonik
+45 93 51 15 00


Johannes Lindén
DTU Fotonik
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