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Quantum and Laser Photonics

In the Quantum and Laser Photonics Group, we work theoretically and experimentally to explore the fundamentals of light-matter interactions in nanostructures.

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Latest News

March 2018: Lorenzo Leandro is in UC Berkeley for 1 month external research stay.

February 2018: Assoc. Prof. Søren Stobble joined our group with his PhD students Kasper Ejdal Lund and Chirag M. Patil.

January 2018: Assoc. Prof. Il-Sug Chung left the group to take up faculty position at UNIST, South Korea.

December 2017: Jake Iles-Smith and Gyeong Cheol Park left the group to take up postdoc positions at Manchester University and University of Cambridge respectively.

September 2017: Our group name is changed to Quantum and Laser photonics.

September 2017: Dr. Igor Protsenko from the P. N. Lebedev Physical Institute in Moscow is guest professor in our group for 3 months.

August 2017: Thorsten Svend Rasmussen started his PhD project on Light-matter interaction and laser dynamics in nanophotonic structures.

July 2017: The European semiconductor laser workshop (ESLW 2017) will be held at DTU campus on September 15 and 16, 2017. It is co-organized by Il-Sug Chung.

June 2017: Il-Sug Chung and Jesper Mørk gave invited talks at CLEO Europe in Munich, Germany.

May 2017: Daniel Pascal Chastanet starts his Postdoc project on growth of crystal phase quantum dots.

May 2017: Andreas Dyhl Østerkryger returns from his external research stay at CNRS, Grenoble, France.

May 2017: Alireza Taghizadeh left the group to join a postdoc position at Aalborg University, Denmark on QUSCOPE project.

Feburary 2017: Emil Vosmar Denning starts his PhD project photonic quantum technologies in structured environments.

Feburary 2017: Kristoffer Bitsch Joanesarson starts his PhD project open quantum systems approach to few photon scattering in photonic devices.

January 2017: Teppo Häyrynen left the group to take up a position in industry.

December 2016: Yi Yu, Jesper Mørk et al published an article on Demonstration of a self-pulsing photonic crystal Fano laser in nature photonics.

December 2016: Niels Gregersen et al published an article which has been highlighted as among the most exciting peer-reviewed research in 2016 by OSA.

November 2016: Dr. Igor Protsenko from the P. N. Lebedev Physical Institute in Moscow is visiting us till mid December. Igor is a world-renowned expert in the quantum properties of lasers and will collaborate with us on developing a theory for superradiance in lasers.

September 2016: Il-Sug Chung gave invited talk at European Semiconductor Laser Workshop held in TU Darmstadt.

September 2016: Kristoffer Skaftved Mathiesen starts his PhD project.

August 2016: Teppo Häyrynen gave invited talk at EMN Meeting on QCQI.

July 2016: Mathias Rosdahl Jensen and Emil Cortes André started their PhD projects.

July 2016: Per Lunnemann Hansen left the group to take up a position in industry.

July 2016: Jesper Mørk, Niels Gregersen and Yi Yu will give invited talks at META 2016 in Malaga, Spain

June 2016: Geyong Choel Park defended his PhD Vertical-cavity laser with a novel grating mirror.

June 2016: Prof. Eli Kapon from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne gave a lecture.

June 2016: Il-Sug Chung gave invited talks at Workshop on Vertical Cavity Lasers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden and the 23rd Conference on Optoelectronics and Optical Communications, Busan, Korea.

April 2016: Alireza Taghizadeh defended his PhD Theoretical Investigation of Subwavelength Gratings and Vertical Cavity Lasers Employing Grating Structures.

April 2016: Weiqi Xue left the group.

February 2016: Alireza Taghizadeh and Gyeong Cheol Park started their Postdocs on HOT project.

February 2016: Weiqi Xue et al. published “Threshold Characteristics of Slow-Light Photonic Crystal Lasers” in Phys. Rev. Lett. as one of editors suggestions. The paper is also featured in American Physical Society (APS) physics.

February 2016: Niels Gregersen gave invited talk to the Technical physics group at Würzburg University in Germany. 

February 2016: Dara McCutcheon left the group to take up Marie Curie fellowship at Bristol University.

January 2016: Mikkel Settnes starts his postdoc project which will be carried out in close collaboration with the Structured Electromagnetic Materials group.

December 2015: Jakob Rosenkrantz de Lasson leaves the group to take up a position with the company TICRA.

December 2015: Jakob Rosenkrantz de Lasson defends his PhD Modeling and simulations of light emission and propagation in open nanophotonic systems.

December 2015: Prof. Stephen Hughes from Queen's University, Canada, will give a lecture.

November 2015: Alireza Taghizadeh returns from an external research stay at UC Berkeley with the group of Prof. Ming C. Wu.

November 2015: Sushil Tandukar starts his PhD project.

November 2015: Lorenzo Leandro starts his PhD project.

October 2015: Aref Rasoulzadeh Zali joins the group. Aref is a PhD student from Iran and will be visiting for half a year, working on Fano lasers.

October 2015: Jake Iles-Smith joins the the group as a postdoc to work on the theory of decoherence in cavity quantum electrodynamics.

September 2015: Yi Yu wins the "Best Student Paper Award" at the conference Photonics in Switching in Florence, Italy.

September 2015: Christine Pepke Pedersen starts her PhD project.

July 2015: Jesper Mørk and Niels Gregersen give invited talks at PIERS 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic.

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NATEC is a Centre of Excellence funded by the Villum Kann Rasmussen Foundation to do fundamental research on devices based on quantum dots and photonic crystals for terabit communication systems.


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