Peer-reviewed journal papers, Structured Electromagnetic Materials Group

Here is listed the latest publications from SEM group. More papers please find in personal profiles of SEM group members.

Preprints (submitted or in press)

A. J. Chaves, B. Amorim, Yu. V. Bludov, P. A. D. Gonçalves, and N. M. R. Peres,
"Scattering of grapheme plasmons at abrupt interfaces: an analytic and numeric study",

P. A. D. Gonçalves, L. P. Bertelsen, S. Xiao, and N. A. Mortensen,
"Plasmon-exciton polaritons in 2D Semiconductor/metal interfaces",

I. Protsenko, E. C. Andre, A. Uskov, J. Mørk, and M. Wubs,
"Collective effects in nanolasers explained by generalized rate equations",

Ali Ü. C. Hardal, Nur Aslan, C. M. Wilson, Özgür E. Müstecaplıoğlu,
"A quantum heat engine with coupled superconducting resonators",

E. Amooghorban, and M. Wubs,
"Quantum optical effective-medium theory for layered metamaterials",

P. A. D. Gonçalves, S. Xiao, N. M. R. Peres, and N. A. Mortensen,
"Hybridized Plasmons in 2D Nano-slits: From Graphene to Anisotropic 2D Materials",
ACS Photonics, 4, in press (2017). arXiv:1708.01748

C. Tserkezis, M. Wubs, and N.A. Mortensen,
"Robustness of the Rabi splitting under nonlocal corrections in plexcitonics",
ACS Photonics 4, in press (2017).  arXiv:1707.05134


M.K. Dezfouli, C. Tserkezis, N.A. Mortensen, and S. Hughes,
"Nonlocal quasinormal modes for three-dimensional plasmonic resonators",
Optica 4, 1503 (2017).

M. Settnes, J.R.M. Saavedra, K.S. Thygesen, A.-P. Jauho, F.J. García de Abajo, and N.A. Mortensen,
"Strong plasmon-phonon splitting and hybridization in 2D materials revealed through a self-energy approach"
ACS Photonics, 4, 2908 (2017).

B. Amorim, P. A. D. Gonçalves, M. I. Vasilevskiy, N. M. R. Peres,
"Impact of graphene on the polarizability of a neighbour nanoparticle: a dyadic Green's function study",
Appl. Sci. 7, 1158 (2017).

Y. Ding, X. Guan, X. Zhu, H. Hu, S.I. Bozhevolnyi, L.K. Oxenlowe, K. J. Jin, N. A. Mortensen, and S. Xiao,
"Efficient electro-optic modulation in low-loss grapheme-plasmonic slot waveguides",
Nanoscale, 9, 15576 (2017).

K. Kluczyk, D. David, and W. A. Jacak,
"On quantum approach to modeling of plasmon photovoltaic effect",
J. Opt. Soc. B, 34, 2115 (2017).

J. R. Maack, N. A. Mortensen, and M. Wubs,
"Size-dependent nonlocal effects in plasmonic semiconductor particles",
EPL 119, 17003 (2017).

C. Frydendahl, T. Repan, M. Geisler, S.M. Novikov, J. Beermann, A. Lavrinenko, S. Xiao, S.I. Bozhevolnyi, N.A. Mortensen, and N. Stenger,
"Optical reconfiguration and polarization control in semi-continuous gold films close to the percolation threshold",
Nanoscale 9, 12014 (2017).

M.N. Gjerding, R. Petersen, T.G. Pedersen, N.A. Mortensen, and K.S. Thygesen,
"Layered van der Waals crystals with hyperbolic light dispersion", 
Nature Communications 8, 320 (2017)

C. Tserkezis, N.A. Mortensen, and M. Wubs,
"How nonlocal damping reduces plasmon-enhanced fluorescence in ultranarrow gaps",
Phys. Rev. B 96, 085413 (2017). 

S.I. Bozhevolnyi, and N. A. Mortensen,
"Plasmonics for emerging quantum technologies",
Nanophotonics, 6, 1185 (2017).

L. Li, S. Lanteri, N. A. Mortensen, and M. Wubs,
"A hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin method for solving nonlocal optical response models",
Computer Phys. Commun. 219, 99 (2017).

C. Tserkezis, W. Yan, W. Hsiehg, G. Sun, J.B. Khurgin, M. Wubs, and N.A. Mortensen,
"On the origin of nonlocal damping in plasmonic monomers and dimers",
Int. J. Mod. Phys. B 31, 1470005 (2017).

B. Xiao, M. Gu, and S. Xiao,
"Broadband, wide-angle and tunable THz absorber based on cross-shaped graphene arrays",
Appl. Opt. 56, 5458 (2017).

P. A. D. Gonçalves, S.I. Bozhevolnyi, N. A. Mortensen, and N.M.R. Peres,
"Universal description of channel plasmons in two-dimensional materials",
Optica 4, 595 (2017).

S. M. Novikov, C. Frydendahl, J. Beermann, V. A. Zenin, N. Stegner, V. Coello, N. A. Mortensen, and S. I. Bozhevolnyi,
"White light generation and anisotropic damage in gold films near percolation threshold",
ACS Photonics, 4, 1207 (2017).

X. Zhu, W. Yan, U. Levy, N.A. Mortensen, and A. Kristensen,
"Resonant laser printing of structural colors on high-index dielectric metasurfaces",
Science Advances, 3, e1602487 (2017).

B. Xiao, M. Gu, K. Qin, and S. Xiao,
"Absorption enhancement in graphene with an efficient resonator"
Opt. Quant. Electron, 49, 177 (2017).

H. Shen, L. Chen, L. Ferrari, M-H. Lin, N. A. Mortensen, S. Gwo, and Z. Liu,
"Optical observation of plasmonic nonlocal effects in a 2D superlattice of ultrasmall gold nanoparticles",
Nano. Lett. 17, 2234 (2017).

T. Christensen, W. Yan, A-P. Jauho, M. Soljacic, and N. A. Mortensen,
"Quantum corrections in nanoplasmonics: shape, scale, and material",
Phys. Rev. Lett.,118, 157402 (2017).

S. Kadkhodazadeh, T. Christensen, M. Beleggia, N. A. Mortensen, and J.B. Wagner,
"The substrate effect in electron energy-loss spectroscopy of localized surface plasmons in gold and silver nanoparticles",
ACS Photonics 4, 251 (2017).

A. Gomez-Tornero, C. Tserkezis, L. Mateos, L. E. Bausa, and M. O. Ramirez,
"2D arrays of hexagonal plasmonic necklaces for enhanced second harmonic generations",
Adv. Mater. 29, 1605267 (2017).

S. Yan, X. Zhu, L. H. Frandsen, S. Xiao, N. A. Mortensen, J. Dong and Y. Ding,
"Slow-light-enhanced energy efficiency for graphene microheaters on silicon photonic crystal waveguides",
Nature Communications, 8, 14411 (2017).

T. Christensen,
"From Classical to Quantum Plasmonics in Three and Two dimensions",
Springer Thesis (2017).

U. Levy, M. Grajower, P. A. D. Gonçalves, N.A. Mortensen, and J.B. Khurgin,
"Plasmonic silicon Schottky photodetectors: The Physics behind graphene enhanced internal photoemission"
APL Photonics 2, 026103 (2017).

C. Gritti, S. Raza, S. Kadkhodazadeh, B. Kardynal, R. Malureanu, N. A. Mortensen, and A.V. Lavrinenko, 
"Broadband infrared absorption enhancement by electroless-deposited silver nanoparticles",  
Nanophotonics, 6, 289 (2017).


M. Settnes, S. R. Power, M. Brandbyge, and A-P. Jauho,
"Graphene nanobubbles as valley filters and beamspliters",
Phys. Rev. Lett., 117, 276801 (2016).

A. Dowd, M. Geisler, S. Zhu, M.L. Wood, and M. Cortie,
"Role of multipolar plasmon resonances during surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy on Au micro-patches",
RSC Advances, 6, 115284 (2016).

M. Wubs, and N. A. Mortensen,
"Nonlocal response in plasmonic nanostructures",
Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences 185, 279-302 (2016).

P. A. D. Gonçalves, E. J. C. Dias, S. Xiao, M. Vasilevskiy, N. A. Mortensen, and N. M. R. Peres,
"Graphene Plasmons in Triangular Wedges and Grooves",
ACS Photonics 3, 2176 (2016).

O. Lotan, C. L. C. Smith, J. Bar-David, N. A. Mortensen, A. Kristensen, and U. Levy 
"Propagating of channel plasmons at the visible regime in aluminium V-groove waveguides",
ACS Photonics, 3, 2150 (2016).

P. A. D. Gonçalves, E. J. C Dias, Yu. V. Bludov, N. M. R. Peres,
"Modeling the excitation of graphene plasmons in periodic grids of graphene ribbons: An analytical approach",
Phys. Rev. B, 94, 195421 (2016).

Z. Wang, T. Li, K. Almdal, N. A. Mortensen, S. Xiao, and S. Ndoni,
"Experimental domenstration of graphene plasmons working close to the near-infrared window" 
Opt. Lett., 41, 5345 (2016).

S. Raza, M. Esfandyarpour, A.L. Koh, N. A. Mortensen, M.L. Brongersma, and S.I. Bozhevolnyi,
"Electron energy-loss spectroscopy of branched gap plasmon resonators",
Nature Communications 7, 13790 (2016)

A.Kristensen, J.K.W. Yang, S.I. Bozhevolnyi, S. Link, P. Nordlander, N.J. Halas, and N. A. Mortensen,
"Plasmonic colour generation",
Nature Reviews Materials 2, 16088 (2016).

C. Tserkezis, N. Stefanou, M. Wubs, and N. A. Mortensen,
"Molecular fluorescence enhancement by nonlocal plasmonic nanoshells",
Nanoscale 8, 17532 (2016)

C. David, J. Christensen, and N. A. Mortensen 
"Spatial dispersion in two-dimensional plasmonic crystals: Large blueshifts promoted by diffraction anomalies",
Phys. Rev. B 94, 165410 (2016).

C. David,
"Multi-type particle layer improved light trapping for photovoltaic applications",
Appl. Opt. 55, 7980 (2016).  

M. Settnes, N. Leconte, J. E. Barrios-Vargas, A-P. Jauho, and S. Roche,
"Quantum transport in graphene in presence of strain-induced Pseudo-Landau levels",
2D Mater. 3, 034005 (2016). 

E. Højlund-Nielsen, J. Clausen, T. Mäkela, L. H. Thamdrup, M. Zalkovskij, T. Nielsen, N. Le Pira, J. Ahopelto, N. A. Mortensen, and A. Kristensen,
"Plasmonic colors: Toward mass-production of metasurfaces",
Advanced Materials Technologies 1, 1600054 (2016)

B. Xiao, J. Chen, Z. Xie, and S. Xiao,
"Graphene-based THz modulator analyzed by equivalent circuit model",
Micro Nano. Lett, 11, 439 (2016). 

S.M. Novikov, J. Beermann, C. Frydendahl, N. Stenger, V. Coello, N. A. Mortensen, and S.I. Bozhevolnyi,
"Enhancement of two-photon photoluminescence and SERS for low coverage gold films",
Opt. Express 24, 16743 (2016).

S. Saravi, R. Quintero-Bermudez, F. Setzpfandt, N. A. Mortensen, and T. Pertsch,
"Effect of loss on slow- light-enhanced second harmonic generation in periodic nanostructures"
Opt. Lett., 41, 3110 (2016)

J. Christensen
"Coalescence towards exceptional contours in synthetic phononic media",
EPL, 114, 47007 (2016). 

C. Tserkezis, J. R. Maack, Z. Liu, M. Wubs, and N. A. Mortensen,
"Robustness of the far-field response of nonlocal plasmonic ensembles", 
Sci. Rep., 6, 28441 (2016). 

M. Wubs, and W.L. Vos,
"Foerster resonance energy transfer rate in any dielectric nanophotonic medium with weak dispersion"
New J. Phys. 18, 053037 (2016).

J. Christensen,
  M.Willatzen, V.R. Velasco, and M.-H. Lu,
"Parity-time synthetic phononic media",
Phys. Rev. Lett., 116, 207601 (2016).

B. Xiao
, S. Kong, and S. Xiao,
"Spoof surface plasmon polaritons based notch filter for ultra-wideband microwave waveguide",
Opt. Commun. 374, 13 (2016).


L. Sanchez-Garcia, C. Tserkezis, M. O. Ramirez, P. Molina, J. J. Carvajal, M. Aguilo, F. Diaz, J. Aizpurua, and L. E. Bausa,

"Plasmonic enhancement of second harmonic generation from nonlinear RbTiOPO4 crystals by aggregates of silver nanostructures"   

Opt. Express, 24, 8491 (2016).        

W. Wang,  S. Xiao, and N. A. Mortensen,
"Localized plasmons in bilayer graphene nanodisks",
Phys. Rev. B, 93, 165407 (2016).

X. Zhu, C. Vannahme, E. Hojlund-Nielsen, N. A. Mortensen, and A. Kristensen,
"Plasmonic colour laser printing",
Nature Nanotechnology, 11, 325 (2016).


J. Zhang, M. Wubs, P. Ginzburg, G. Wurtz, and A. Zayats,                        

"Transformation quantum optics: designing spontaneous emission using coordinate transformations"

J. Opt. 18, 044029 (2016).


W. Yan, and N. A. Mortensen,
"Nonclassical effects in plasmonics: An energy perspective to quantify nonclassical effects",
Phys. Rev. B, 93, 115439 (2016).

J. Lee, S.Sung, J.-H. Choi, J. Koh, S.C. Eom, N. A. Mortensen, and J.H.Shin,
"Ultra sub-wavelength surface plasmon confinement using air-gap, sub-wavelength ring resonator array",
Sci. Rep. 6, 22305 (2016).


S. A. Cummer, J. Christensen, and A. Alu,
"Controlling sound with acoustic metamaterials",
Nature Reviews Materials, 1, 16001 (2016).

W. Wang, B.-H. Li, E. Stassen, N. A. Mortensen, and J. Christensen,
"Localized Surface Plasmons in Vibrating Graphene Nanodisks", 
Nanoscale, 8, 3809  (2016).

K.W. Jacobsen, J.T. Falkenberg, N. Papior, P. Bøggild, A-P. Jauho, and M. Brandbyge,

"All-graphene edge contacts: Electrical resistance of graphene T-junctions"

Cabon, 101, 101 (2016).


S. Xiao, X. Zhu, B.-H. Li, and N. A. Mortensen,
"Graphene-plasmon polaritons: From fundamental properties to potential applications" (invited review), 
Front. Phys.,11, 117801 (2016). 



M. Wubs
"Classification of scalar and dyadic nonlocal optical response models",
Opt. Express 23, 31296 (2015).


S. Raza, S. Kadkhodazadeh, T. Christensen, M. Di Vece, M. Wubs, N. A. Mortensen, and N. Stenger,
"Multipole plasmons and their disappearance in few-nanometer silver nanoparticles",
 Nature Communications, 6, 8788 (2015).


E. Højlund-Nielsen, X. Zhu, M.S. Carstensen, M.K. Sørensen, C. Vannahme, N. A. Mortensen, and A. Kristensen,

"Polarization-dependent aluminum metasurface operating at 450 nm"

Opt. Express, 23, 28829 (2015).


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"Equevalent conductivity method: straightforward analytical solution for metasurface-based structures"

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"Ultrathin 90-degree sharp bends for spoof surface plasmon polaritons"

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R. Esteban , A. Zugarramurdi , P. Zhang , P. J.A. Nordlander , F-J. Garcia Vidal , A. Borisov and J. Aizpurua
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Faraday Discuss
. 178, 151 (2015).


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"Plasmon resonance of Ag capped Si nanopillars made by maskless reactive ion etching",
Opt. Express, 23, 12965 (2015).


J. Zhang
"Evolutionary optimization of compact dielectric lens for far-field sub-wavelength imaging",
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"Resonance shifts and spill-out effects in self-consistent hydrodynamic nanoplasmonics",
Nature Communications, 6, 7132 (2015).


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