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Featured on the front cover of Nature Reviwers Materials.

Review featured on the front cover of Nature Reviews Materials
Quantum plasmonics

Plasmonics for emerging quantum technologies

Plasmonics for emerging quantum technologies
Plasmonics colour

Paper on plasmonic colors published in Nature Nanotechnology.

Plasmonic colors published in Nature Nanotechnology. 

EELS study of few-nanometre silver nanoparticles

EELS exploration of high-order modes in Silver nanoparticles

EELS exploration of high-order modes published in NC.

Electric field and charge densities

Paper on nonlocal plasmonic response and spill-out effects published in Nature Communications

Recently developed self-consistent hydrodynamic theory
Graphene based electro-absorption modulator

Electro-optical modulator

Graphene based electro-optical modulator
electro-optical modulator

Extremely confined gap surface-plasmon modes excited by electrons

EELS of plasmons reported in Nature Communications
Non-local optical response theory

Nonlocal broading in plasmonic dimer with a sub-nanometer gap

Nonlocal theory reported in Nature Communications
electrical field for a sharp Ag corner

Field enhancement predicted by non-local optical theory

Typical electrical-field for an arbitrarily sharp Ag tip.


EELS and TEM images of single nanoparticles

EELS and TEM images of single nanoparticles

A new platform for SERS application

Light-matter interaction in Graphene

A novel graphene platform for SERS application

Structured Electromagnetic Materials Group

The Structured Electromagnetic Materials Group is dedicated to multidisciplinary fields including photonic crystals, metamaterials, nanoplasmonics, and graphene. We aim to study fundamental physics of light-matter interaction at the nanoscale, and to develop advanced optical nanostructures for practical applications.

Our research focus is on theoretical and experimental investigation of new wave phenomena and light-matter interactions in artificially structured materials. It includes the development of microscopic and semi-calssical frameworks for the optical response of nano-engineered geometries, the study of extreme light confinement and nonlocal response in nanoplasmonics using electron energy loss spectroscopy, and the exploration of advanced nanostructures for color effects, photovoltaics, and light-emitting devices. More information can be found under Research and Publications.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact our Group members.

Latest News

Jan. 2019: Lecture by Dr. Sigmund Kohler from ICMM, Spain.


Dec. 2018: Dr. Fengwen Kang joins our group as a HC Ørsted postdoc.


Dec. 2018: The work on graphene-based sensor design is selected for the news release by OSA. 


Oct. 2018: One-month visit by Prof. Dongxian Zhang from Zhejiang University, China.


Aug. 2018: Johan Rosenkrantz Maack successfully defended his PhD thesis.


Aug. 2018: Dr. Sanshui Xiao is elected as SPIE Senior Member.


Aug. 2018: Prof. Jianing Chen from Institute of Physics (China) visits our lab.


Jun. 2018: Dr. Sanshui Xiao becomes Senior Member of OSA, see the interview by OPN.


Nov. 2017: International Network Programme grants US-Sino-Danish network with Yale Univ. (Prof. Fengnian Xia) and Shenzhen Univ. (Prof. Han Zhang).


Aug. 2017: Prof. Jian Zi from Fudan University (China) joins us as an Otto Mønsted visiting professor.

Jul. 2017: Martijn Wubs becomes senior Member of SPIE.

Jul. 2017: Our interim group leader Martijn Wubs becomes group leader.

Jun. 2017: Lecture by Prof. Jiming Bao from Houston University.

May 2017: Lecture by Prof. Sense Jan van der Molen from Leiden University.

May 2017:  Martijn Wubs becomes Senior Member of OSA.

May 2017: Our former group leader Prof. Asger Mortensen leaves DTU for new adventures at SDU.

May 2017: Our former group member Dr. Jingjing Zhang awarded the Thousand Youth Talent Prize in China.

Mar. 2017: Review paper on plasmonic colours  in Nature Reviews Materials made its first 50,000 downloads.

Feb. 2017: Dr. Christos Tserkezis is co-authoring a paper published in Advanced Materials.

Feb. 2017:  Dr. Martijn Wubs awarded as an Outstanding Reviewer by Journal of Optics.

Feb. 2017: Dr. Christos Tserkezis awarded as an Outstanding Reviewer by Journal of Optics.


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Center for Nanostructured Graphene is to develop new platforms for studies of basic science and applications, based on graphene and other new two-dimensional materials.


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