Spin-off companies

DTU Fotonik is the home of several spin-offs, such as:

  • Norlase
  • Bifrost Communications
  • SHUTE Sensing Solutions
  • IRSee
  • Crystal Fibre A/S 
  • MMP A/S
  • Alight Technologies A/S
  • OCT Innovation Aps
  • CommWyse A/S
  • SEMuS A/S
  • Windar Photonics A/S

In all the instances where our research achievements have lead to industrial ventures we try to provide the optimum environment for further developments. In line with this, DTU Fotonik offers new industrial ventures and companies, spun out from DTU Fotonik, the opportunity of a location in close proximity to DTU Fotonik. In this way they gain access to our infrastructure and well-equipped laboratories. In the early stages of such new industrial ventures DTU Fotonik is an important pillar. Moreover, experience shows us that close contact between us and the new company is beneficial to both parties in nourishing creative thinking.  

Windar Photonics A/S

DTU Fotonik spawned a new company in 2009. A long term collaboration between DTU Fotonik and OPDI Technologies A/S on diode lasers resulted in a new company, Windar Photonics A/S. The company will manufacture LIDAR systems for the windmill industry, based on low-cost diode laser systems. In all, DTU Fotonik filed 20 patent applications in 2009.