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Welcome to DTU Fotonik. We are the department of Photonics Engineering. Our research - which is available to our students - covers almost the entire field of photonics, from communication technologies, via lighting to nanophotonics.

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Radu Malureanu


Metamaterials are designed structures with characteristics that are not yet found in nature. These characteristics can lead to super high definition images, to render materials transparent i relation to light, to improving photovoltaic cells, to unveil new types of waves (for instance bulk plasmons), etc.


The Metamaterials Group
An electronmicroscope picture of a fabricated device

Theoretical simulation

By utilizing photonic crystal technology, it is possible to produce a compact component which splits a ray of light in two. To the right you see an electron microsope image of the fabricated component which has a typical distance of 400 nanometers between the holes. To the left you can see a theoretical simulaton of the light which comes in from the left and is split in two.

Nanophotonics Theory and Signal Processin
Forest of mirrors and other optical components in the DTU Fotonik femtosecond high-power laboratory

terahertz waves and diagnoses

Terahertz waves can diagnose in the same way as x-ray waves, but they are not harmful.

Terahertz Science & Technology

improving the performance of windmills

LIDAR is a sensor technology which maximizes the efficiency of windwmills.

Optical Sensor Technologies
Metro Access & Short Range Systems

Wireless datatransmission - faster and better

Testing of real-time wireless transmission.
Metro Access & Communication Technologies

Nanophotonics in the cleanroom

LED light on the Danish Crown Jewels

Improved illumination of the Crown Jewels

We are illuminating the Danish crown jewels with an LED system developed at DTU Fotonik. This lighting system shows off the colors perfectly and also maintains a temperature that does not harm the priceless objects. The LED system is both far cheaper and much more environmentally safe than the previous lighting set-up.

Diode Lasers & LED Systems
Yiyu Ou in lab

Working on an led chip that does more

An LED chip which produces a stronger and more pleasant light.
Diode Lasers & LED Systems
Opera House in Copenhagen

Metamaterials 2014

The Eighth International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics is a 4-day Conference (25–28 August 2014) followed by a 2-day Doctoral School (29–30 August). Organized by the Metamorphose Virtual Institute and hosted by the Technical University of Denmark.

Read more and register here

DOLL GreenLab Inauguration
On 4 September, the official inauguration of our DOLL GreenLab for Intelligent Lighting Solutions will take place at Fabriksparken 7-9, Hersted Industripark in Glostrup at 16.15.

For further information, please see DOLL's website.


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