Bridging the gap

Project 'Bridging the Gap'

torsdag 17 dec 15

There is a huge growth potential in implementing the knowledge produced at Danish universities into commercial companies. Bridging the Gap (BtG) is a 2-year project funded by The Danish Industry Foundation. The goal of Bridging the Gap has been to create a new innovation model which will increase the rate at which Danish universities can spinout new technology ventures.


Based on a solid and innovative base of new research and technology you build a company by inviting industry experts into the lab. Here the industry expert transforms the research into viable products and take them to the market.

One outcome from Bridging the Gap is the BtG model. The model is a generic tool guiding users from the earliest phases of match making between researchers and industry experts all the way – over the bridge – to the successful establishing of a new company spun out from the university and on to the market with new customers and growing revenue.


In this report, five companies tell us their stories about going from research to revenue. They prove that the BtG model is one useful way to move forward if you want to bring knowledge from universities and introduce it to the market in the hands of competent entrepreneurs.

Read the report here