MOVPE room


Welcome to the Nanophotonics Cluster

We conduct research on the fundamental interactions between light and matter, particularly nanostructures. And we explore the possibilities for creating new and better components, for instance for ultra-fast communication.
The cluster consists of four research groups working with devices, theory, and materials.

Our 4 Research Groups:

In the Nanophotonics cluster we aim at understanding and controlling light-matter interactions in nano-structured media and using this knowledge for demonstrating and exploring new types of opto-electronic devices. 



is housed by DTU Fotonik and is supported by theaVKR Centre of Excellence. Leder: Jesper Mørk.


The department participates actively in CNG (a DNRF Centre of Excellence) which is led by Prof. Antti-Pekka Jauho from DTU Nanotek.
CNG = Center for nanostructured graphene.