Welcome to DTU Fotonk's Research

Our research activities are divided into four main groupings which we call sections. Each section contains 3-4 research groups.

Below, you can see a presentation of our sections.

Metro Access & Short Range Systems

Communications technologies

The research groups n the Communication Technologies cluster are working on all aspects of current and future communication technologies. 

Cluster leader: Professor Lars Dittmann

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Fiber Sensors & Supercontinuum

Nonlinear Optics & Biophotonics

The research groups n the Dynamic Photonics cluster are working on observing and mapping dynamic processes of and with light.

Cluster leader: Professor Peter Uhd Jepsen

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LED light on the Danish Crown Jewels

Light sources & industrial sensors

The research groups n the Light Sources & Industrial Sensors cluster are working on the application of theories about light.

Cluster Leader: Professor Paul Michael Petersen

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Metamaterials Lab Work


The research groups n the Nanophotonics cluster are working with the fundamental interaction between light and matter, particularly nanostructures. We also explore the possibilities for creating new and better components e.g. for ultrafast communication.

Cluster Leader: Professor Jesper Mørk

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