The scope of our innovation activities

We believe that innovation is a process which starts with creative research and ends with bringing products to the market or starting companies.  


New research areas, technologies and collaborators  New applications, user/market driven development 

Bringing products to the market, spin-offs, sales, licensings  

 Technology and creativity Innovation   


  • New research areas e.g. within optics on a silicon platform, optical communications and LED lighting
  • in Silicon Valley, California
  • Participation in technology oriented communities within lighting, biomed, communications, etc.
  • Attracting R&D divisions from international companies
  • Industry feedback: internal Spring Boards, mentorship programs, focus on industry needs.
  • Increasing innovation awareness by innovation days, patent seminars, focus on applications, user/market driven development
  • Collaboration with prototyping and commercialization partners and well recognized, international corporations
  • Teaching in Entrepreneurship: PhD Summer School - 2011 and Photonics Business Challenge - 2012
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship by participation in Venture Cup, Væksthus programs, contact with venture capitalists and activity in Danish innovation environment
  • Bring in serial entrepreneurs and people from the industry and involving them in development of the most promising projects  

Strategic goals

The strategic goals of DTU Fotonik’s Innovation Committee can be formulated as follows:

  • Promotion of fast, cheap and energy efficient light-based technologies in relevant industries.
  • Continuation of delivery of spin-offs (1-2 a year), commercial, as well as strategic patents (10-15 a year) and expanding collaboration with industry
    (project consortia, product development, industrial PhDs and Postdocs, etc.).
  • Increasing innovation and entrepreneurship awareness and motivation amongst DTU Fotonik employees.
  • Becoming a European leader in commercialization of technologies from university to business.